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Cocoon Kids Cocoon Kids

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  • Supposed to be mad donuts here. Guts and Doughnuts

    Obey your bowels.

  • Haddonfield by Joseph Grammer Haddonfield

    A brief space thriller.

  • Cocoon-Kids-Story-Icons-v1-riastrad Riastrad

    Pain makes poor choices.

  • Cocoon-Kids-Story-Icons-v1-wake-up Wake Up

    Fight your role models.

  • Cocoon-Kids-Story-Icons-v1-the-feeble-poet The Feeble Poet

    Finding yourself is overrated.

  • Cocoon-Kids-Story-Icons-v1-the-christian-surgeon The Perfect Surgeon

    Be careful what you use your skills for.

  • Cocoon-Kids-Story-Icons-v1-pancakes Pancakes

    Life can pivot on small things.

  • Cocoon-Kids-Story-Icons-v1-kettle-hours Kettle Hours

    Peace is a skill.

  • Cocoon-Kids-Story-Icons-v1-jerry Jerry

    Isolation rocks.

  • Cocoon-Kids-Story-Icons-v1-high-wire High-Wire

    Magic and sexism shouldn’t mix.

  • Cocoon-Kids-Story-Icons-v1-grandpa-farron Grandpa Farron

    Cranky goblins need love, too.

  • Cocoon-Kids-Story-Icons-v1-glory-days Glory Days

    Men have strong drives.

  • Cocoon-Kids-Story-Icons-v1-comfort Comfort

    Find connections where you can.

  • Cocoon-Kids-Story-Icons-v1-a-squid-for-mr-calaway A Squid for Mr. Calaway

    Love is weird and alien.

  • Cocoon-Kids-Story-Icons-v1-a-candle-burned Burned

    Harm and help have little to do with intentions.

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What I'm working on: Keystone Trigger

In KEYSTONE TRIGGER, a completed 100,000-word literary thriller, modern-day Okinawans, Americans, and Japanese fight for control of their lives in a typhoon.

A suicidal ninety-one-year-old peace activist. A yakuza hitman enamored of otters and cats. An ex-Marine rapist with a Bronze Star for heroism. A grieving psychologist who would to kill to protect the family she has left. The paths of these people will cross and diverge across an island known for the longest-living people on Earth, pristine beaches, and a history of US-Japanese military oppression.

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